...of a great number of paintings
The material on which the reproductions is made is polypropylene. It is laminated with a layer of high gloss and everythi
ng adhered to a thin sheet of a special kind of aluminum for this type of works. The laminate can be made in matt.
The sizes in which the reproductions are presented are the standard. Other sizes are possible, but upon request.
In addition, reproductions on other paintings different from my Collection are available, by order.
Shipments to Spain are free. Consult about outside Spain, depending on city and country.
You can see all the reproduction, sizes and prices on the web section: "Reproductions"
'It will be able to be acquired in the majority in my Atellier-Gallery Joan Vidal AlcaƱiz", Street Sol, 2, Castell de Guadalest (Alicante-Spain) or by request to (in addition to this email address, You can send me any kind of query or order also through Faceebook). The orders will be sent by transport agency to any part of the world (consult shipping prices by size and place of destination to this email mentioned).