I am older than the years that I have lived, but I still have a soul that is hungry for dreams.

I have travelled the world like a child, with restless hands, with open eyes, with a thirsty mouth; with my whole life…and it seems that everything surprises me and overwhelms me because, without understanding it, I know that everything is born and ends in incorruptible light, because I know that I am mere dust in this balance of colours, in this song of life. That it why today I remove names from the earth, the withered flowers and the grey foreshortenings; I erase the sadness that time brings and I remain in among the colours. Today I bring, in my canvas basket, what doesn’t fit in one’s eyes: clouds of cotton or rock, the original nebula, the planets, the lights and shadows; a condensed view of the immense, made of dreams, poetic and beautIful. (Shmuel Garcia Hervas)

”…aims to be a song in paint, without mediation, an unrestrained poem of colours and shapes, without limitations…without frontiers…an exaltation, a movement, a stillness…(3rd Ceutí Cultural Centre Exhibition Catalogue Text)